Owning the living room is important, sure, but how about owning the dashboard? That’s the next best thing.

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Maybe better.

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Rafer sez:
Not. I’ve got a larger post going on this topic, but car dashboard ‘ownership’ will take a long while to move any money or power around in tech, and may never happen.

  • Cars are replaced infrequently, and less frequently over time.
  • Smartphones may become the dashboard, at least from a value-added services perspective.
  • Car sharing and similar services accelerate both trends.
  • And most importantly, just about every private car owner on the planet already has a smartphone. Their behavior is spoken for.
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Greg again:

Well, sure.  But a) I didn’t say likely, I said good, for the owner anyway; and b) that said, living rooms don’t have quite the same concentration of manufacturing and distribution that cars do, last time I checked.

Ask a BMW owner with an iPhone integration how they feel about Lightning connectors. 

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Rafer sez:
i took ‘owner’ differently. BMW was not in the running. 

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