America’s Internet started out as No. 1 in speed. It now ranks 26th, far behind the networks in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Lithuania. Americans pay the sixth highest median price in the modern world for Internet data — 16 times the rates paid by South Koreans, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Just as serious is the problem of coverage: in France, South Korea and other modern countries a superfast Internet is or will soon be available everywhere. In America, AT&T’s fiber optic lines stop short of homes and small businesses, while Verizon plans to end its fiber-optic installation work once it reaches 18 million residences. As of now huge parts of the United States will never get on the information superhighway but will rather slog along on the digital equivalent of a country road. This presents a genuine economic threat to America: the future industries and jobs that require a universal ultra-high-speed network, after all, will most likely be developed somewhere else.

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 have just one comment to make. Ever single of these countries that have better internet than we do is a small country. There are U.S. states that are bigger than some of these countries on the quote. And, as a person that does not know a lot about technology (so you may correct me if you wish) I assume developing internet connections and internet capabilities takes a lot of time and effort and I assume it’s more difficult in the United States because of just how huge it is. 

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Check this list. Russia AND Canada both have faster internet. Two of the three countries larger than us have faster internet. I used to make the same defense, but i don’t think it holds any longer. Also, FIOS is awesome, but stopping at 18 million households? That is less than the population of Seoul, let alone South Korea. 

(via rickwebb)

(via rickwebb)

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