In August, @tedr introduced me to these three guys, who founded Omniar in 2009 and earned a spot in last summer’s Techstars class. I started helping out in November and experienced an acute recurrence of startup disease. I took the CEO gig on 14-January and have been working quietly for a few weeks to get my side of things up and running. 

Location must reflect human experience, and GPS comes up very short. Omniar has the tech to upstage GPS in a huge fraction of mobile apps. We’ve got an app of our own to build in order to prove it and we’ll scale it up for every urban environment on Earth. 

We’ll all be blogging details and demos over the coming weeks at and using @omniarinc if you have time to give us a follow. 

P.S. @businessinsider Thank you! Good timing on the Augmented Reality piece today from our POV. We’re not big on augmented reality but we are photogrammetry folks, and we’re happy to say that it works well now. 

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    The Omniar team has proven themselves great from the minute I met them last May. And they are pure digital imagery...
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