I generally buy-and-hold rather than trade, focusing on the tech industry giants in ~5 year intervals.  I’ve been in $GOOG for 4+ years, and it’s time to get out for now. I beat inflation and the market in that time, but not by a heckuva lot. I’m largely replacing it with $FB as a long-term holding as I replaced $MSFT with $GOOG. The next two holiday seasons are going to be nasty for AdWords, courtesy of Mssrs. Zuckerberg and Rajaram, never mind the Maps problems that I’m betting these years on at Lumatic.

Image representing Yelp as depicted in CrunchBase

It’s also oddly time make a trade based on additional learnings at Lumatic. I just bought some $YELP, and I’ll be in it for less than three weeks — until WWDC sorts itself out. Apple's upcoming Maps are real, but how are they going to compete with Google on local content search? The new Google+ Places is pretty darn good, but I can’t believe Apple will use it going forward. I’m betting that Yelp’s Siri integration is going to lead to interesting announcements with regard to iOS 6.

(Thanks to Greg Sterling for nattering with me via email about his Google+ Places post.)

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